WPF : Re-usable MVVM Ready Breadcrumb control

I have been quite for a little while, but I have been working silently on a new article, which is something that I quite like. Basically I have created a rather unique WPF Breadcrumb system, that supports live preview of the crumbs visited, and is very easy to use in your own projects, and it also supports multiple transitions when changing between crumbs.

Here is a small video showcasing the articles code.


And here is a small screen shot of it running

Shameless Plug….Read This

Some of you may not know but I have just under 2 weeks now until I have my 1st child (boy) so this article will be my last one for a little while, so if you have read some of my previous posts or got enjoyment from this blog or learned something from past articles / blog posts, it would be really ace if you could spare the time to vote for my article.

I am dead proud of this article, and I have to say it would be rather nice to go into a restful state (at least for a month or so), going out on a high. So if you feel inclined to vote for my new article, that would be nice.

Here is the link to the article :


Thanks all..Enjoy



  1. Unreal. Where do you find the time? You must live on your significant other’s salary while you sit home and code all day…

    Absolutely brilliant. Thanks and congrats!


  2. Nice article, definitely got my 5.

    Coming from a VB6 and latterly C# Winforms background, I’m finally getting started on SilverLight and WPF and I must say that reading your blog and code project articles has been a great help, not meaning to blow hot air up your skirt mind :-), but very many thanks and all the best for your new arrival.



  3. Congrats on the upcoming new arrival. Your next article might be on sleep depravation and the effect it has on code quality šŸ˜‰


  4. Any plans for a Silverlight 4 version of this amazing control? Please I need it for my project.


    1. No it will never be available for SL, unless Microsoft port transitonals (or someone else does) to silverlight


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