Introduction into ADO .NET Data Services/RIA Services

I recently spent some time writing up a new article on using both

  • ADO .NET Data Services
  • RIA Services

If you have not messed around with these 2 data access technologies this new article may be of interest to you. I do not go into advanced scenarios, but I do cover the basic CRUD operations in both technologies.

I cover the following things

  1. Creating Data
  2. Retrieving Data
  3. Updating Data
  4. Deleting Data
  5. Validation

So if you think you may find this useful, have a read of the following article.


One Comment

  1. Thank you for the article. We are RIA services company and would be interested in having you check some of our work out and maybe add us to your links area for your guests to see some examples of RIA services. Let me know


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