Double Lives Dr Machette Rises From The Grave

Recently there was a discussion on the WPF Disciples about doing other things in your spare time apart from WPF/Programming and Pavan Podila stated that he spent some time doing some life drawing over XMAS, which you can look at over at Pavans blog :

I commented that I used to run a hardcore techno label back in the day, and maybe I should get back into that.

And then one of the WPF Disciples brethren a one Pete O’Hanlon said go on Sacha post some music.

So I thought I might, now this stuff is not for the faint hearted, so if you have a pacemaker avoid this, if you have small kids, hide them before listening to this stuff.

Basically I used the pseudonym Dr Machette, and was also 1 part of a UK based punk/techno band, and we had a record label called Surgeon16, which was named after a mad Vietnam war veteran that we all knew, who was the 16th surgeon in his platoon.

We had a lot of fun doing this back then, and I was personally  very pleased to have done it, as I managed to not only meet all my musical idols, but play along side them at many parties.

Ah those were the days. After listening to this stuff again for this post, I have to say I think I have what it takes to go all the way, and shall soon be stopping this programming lark, as it is now obvious to me, my true talents lie elsewhere….What do you all reckon.

Anyway here is a small smattering of some of the stuff I made:

1. A fairly mild one : Warcore.mp3

2. A less friendly one : Music On Mongo.mp3

3. A nasty one : Ultra Zig Min Hanna.mp3

Made in about 1 hour, over a cold special brew. I have no idea what is being said, but I like the way it sounds.

1-3 are all made by me, Sacha Barber, AKA Dr Machette.

My Favourite Of All Time

And this one is like my favourite tune ever, and was made by 2 London based lads on a £200 keyboard



  1. Hi Sacha,

    Ur a gem of a person. All the best to you.
    You have been a leading light to whole bunch of programmers.

    Now that you decide to take on music someday. I am happy at the same time sad.

    Ur code project profile says

    ” Studied music for my sins “.

    I hope you would remember to change this line, once you become a full time musician. 🙂



    1. No I was joking. I used to make music in the past, I am staying coding sorry to say, you will have much more of my coding to come.


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