WPF : Simple 3D Charting

I have just published a new WPF article that demonstrates how to make a fairly simple 3D Chart using WPF and some of its 3D capabilities.

Its a 3D bar chart that allows uses to navigate through historical data. It has somewhat limited use, as it so closely matches my wifes business, business requirements, but could easily be adapted for someone else uses, and I do feel it is still a nice example of working with 3D and WPF.

This is what it looks like when it starts up:


And here is what is looks like when the user hover their mouse over a particular item within the chart.


It did take a little while to get right. And despite it somewhat limited use (as its tailored directly to suit my wifes requirements) there is still some rather cool 3D stuff you can learn by reading the articles text.

So if you appreciate the work I do, and the code that I publish, I sure would appreciate you taking the time to vote for this article.

The full articles description of how it all works, and the source code is available at :




One Comment

  1. Hey Sacha nice article as always, I think you should see one about something called MMV at CodeProject it looks interesting.


    I hope you the best this hollydays and best for next year from a far far away country from yours Dominican Republic, God bless you

    One faithful follower of your articles and blog from the other side of the world


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