WPF : Tube Planner Using A Guided Search

I recently came back from holiday and decided I needed to ease myself back into work gradually.

For those that don’t know I studied AI as part of my degree and we had to do a search of a cut down version of the London underground for one of our many assignments. At the time I thought my text only search was the mutts nuts, but now we have WPF so I thought why not give it another go.

I have to say I am most pleased with the result.

It is over at www.codeproject.com if you fancy a look. Here is a link



And here is what it does:

  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • Station connection tooltips
  • Hiding unwanted lines (to de-clutter the diagram)
  • Information bubble
  • Diagramatic solution path visualization
  • Textual solution path description

Here is what it looks like:

As always if you fancy leaving a comment or a vote that would be cool, thanks.


6 thoughts on “WPF : Tube Planner Using A Guided Search

  1. Thanks mate. Messing around with some Win7 stuff last night, cant help but feel MSFT missed a trick or too there with certains things like JumpList

  2. Have you ever considered doing a Code Project article for the new ESRI Silverlight/WPF Map control? There are a lot of examples for silverlight, but none for WPF (that I can find) and nothing utilizing the MVVM Framework.
    I know you have done some mapping stuff in the past as was just curious if you had looked into the new ESRI stuff. I think it would be increadibly useful to the community if someone as smart as you could put out a real world example of the WPF portion. It doesn’t get a lot of play in the blogs/code examples.

    Just curious if you had considered it.

    Thanks for you time.

    1. John

      Was actually blissfully unaware of that. Looks cool, looks highly geared towards Sl, which is not my bag, I prefer desktop stuff, very cool though. I am mid project though, so don’t know if I’ll find time for that.

      Thanks for the heads up though

  3. Yeah, alot of the examples are SL, but there are 2 distinct download packs. 1 for SL and 1 for WPF. Just hoping someone could shine a little light on the WPF side of things as the syntax between the 2 is a little different.

    I know you are busy, just curious. Thanks for the quick reply though!

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