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WPF : Callout Popup

I could not sleep last night, thinking too much I guess, so I got up and tried something out for a larger project ( article for www.codeproject.com ) that I am working on.

Basically I needed a nice animated callout that could also take some content.

This seems to be the exact role of the standard WPF Popup primitive, so I thought I’ll just use that and tweak it a bit. And about 30 minutes later, I have a nice callout popup which animates in using the standard Popup PopupAnimation enumeration.

The only thing is that the Width and Height and direction of the callout are hardcoded in the attached example, but if you were so inclined I am sure you could alter that.

Any way here is the callout popup in action (nice drop shadow, no?)


As always here is a small demo project link


Also look out for the upcoming article that goes with this. It’s an AI type search article. I have been laying low for a while but this one was quite fun. I have loads more interesting stuff planned, as always its just finding the time.