Cinch Code Generated Is Out

I am very pleased to announce that I have now released a code generator for my Cinch MVVM framework:

Here is a screen shot of the finished article



The cinch code generator article is available at using the link :

The source code is available as part of the main Cinch download, which I realise is a big download now, but I wanted to keep it all together so it was easy to keep code generator Cinch.dll reference synced.

Anyway the download link is over at the Cinch Codeplex site :

Enjoy, I am off for a holiday now, so I will not be answering any questions for quite some time, sorry about that.



  1. Sacha,
    I wanted to personally thank you for all your great work and for caring enough to share it all. You are one hell of a person. About every other article I search for and read on code project is yours.

    I don’t mean to read your articles but I just pick one that makes my life easier, read it without noticing who the author is, and when I get to the end I see your familiar picture.

    You are a credit to this community, I tell you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have my friendship.

    cheers mate
    From Sydney – Australia


  2. Hi and Great work Sacha…
    Just a question, we struggle to find an elegant way of release (Relay)commands in our MVVM apps. All command are added at runtime in CommandManager but we don’t know when objects are closed to release these commands like we do in WPF. There is no closed event in SL and the behavior plugin that we can add in blend doesn’t help us for pure code. Thanks in advance for any help.



    1. Sorry Vincent I don’t have an answer for you as I don’t really do SL development, I have played but am not an expert. You could ask Laurent Bugionion and tell him I told you to ask him, he is one of the Disciples.


  3. Hi dear Sacha
    I saw your work on generator and I want to thanks from your great work,
    I try to test your generator but I couldn’t find where is it in cinch2, I downloaded the last version(64992) but nothing was there!

    also in running I got some errors, please help me.



    1. The code generator is part of the CinchV1 code base, as it was written for V1, and was part of that, it still works for V2 Cinch though. You should find it just fine in directory like cinchV1 (VS2008 WPF Only)cinchCinchCodeGen once you have downloaded Cinch codebase. I see no problems with it, it is working fine for me, if you could tell me what errors you get I could try and help, just saying “running I got some errors, please help me” is not enough


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