Cinch does ok

I have just been notified my Cinch MVVM article won the best overall article of the month for July 2009 over at which is obviously very nice.

The article is question can be located right here, if you fancy a gander



  1. Cheers Daniel.

    Its going to get better too, nearly finished the code generator, which I am most pleased with.


  2. You’re not on vacation, are you?
    Since when you announced a cinch code generator I stopped writing my Codesmith Templates for Cinch.
    If you need a beta-tester… here I am.
    By the way, I used this time to fill some of my huge gaps in WPF and MVVM and I feel more confident now. I know this is the right direction to go and I’m waiting for you code generator to start hammering.


  3. Roberto the code generator is actually done, but one CInch user liked the framework so much he has made some better improvements which I liked, and he is just putting finishing touches to that, then I will do that in the generator and let it out there. SHould be next week at the latest.


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