Cinch (My MVVM framework) Part 4 is out

I just published part III of my MVVM framework series over at .

Here is the link


This time I talk about

Developing Models Using Cinch
Developing ViewModels Using Cinch

    * Choosing a ViewModel Base Class
    * ViewModelBase Class
    * How To Use The Exposed Services
          o EventLogger service
          o MessageBox service
          o Open File service
          o Save File service
          o Popup window service
    * Background Tasks
    * Mode Support





  1. Hi,
    I am a very big fan of your artticles in codeproject. I have read almost each one of them. I am her eas I had a question regarding wpf and instantly I knew who the best person to answer the question was. My Question is as follows.

    I am working on a project which we are thinking of migrating to a new technology, probably flex or WPF. they both are gr8 technologies.
    I wanted to ask If I could create an application where actually resembles the visual studio screen designer, on which I can drag drop widgets and design these screens similar to the VS IDE. Also is this possible to have this in WEB as well as on the PC based apps. Also is there anything else I should be knowing.

    I am sorry if I am not clear about something, I havent worked at all on WPF.
    Sidhartha Shenoy


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