Cinch (My MVVM framework) Part 3 is out

I just published part III of my MVVM framework series over at .

Here is the link


This time I talk about

* DI/IOC using Unity IOC container
* Exposed Services
      o EventLogger service
      o MessageBox service
      o Open File service
      o Save File service
      o Popup window service
* Threading Helpers
      o Dispatcher extension methods
      o App.DoEvents
      o Background Tasks
      o ObservableCollection
* Doing MenuItems the MVVM way
* Closeable ViewModels






  1. As a wpf beginner I ask myself which mvvm framework should i learn? There are many out there and you added your own as john smith did. Those versions seem to be the most lightweight mvvm frameworks. Could you Sacha please tell us why I should prefer your Cinch? and not choose onxy, mvvm foundation, prism, route etc…

    there are so many changes at the moment in the wpf design pattern/framework area that it is sometimes distracting to windows forms user 😉


  2. Frickel

    Josh Smith/Laurent Buiginons/The wpf teams MVVM template are very light weight libraries that are not enough to do a fully fledged WPF app. The are not enough, for example they do not have any way to do common things (Laurents might, but it for SL)

    Background work

    Its really how far you need help with. I am in the middel of a multimillion WPF project, so was forced into developing something a bit more. So Cinch was born. And so far it does everything I need. But that comes at a cost its more complex.

    Onyx is cool, but there is currently no way to inject alternative services though I think this is something Bill is doing. And I do not know if popups are catered for just yet (though Bill is working on this now).

    PRISM is nothing to do with MVVM really, its a composite UI block to allow your Views to be split into regions and brought together by some magic attributes. Which is not something I like, I want to see a whole View in Blend (the designer of Views). I also dont like the way PRISM forces you to create too many projects. A typical very small PRISM project could have something like 10-15 projects. What for I have to ask, its just too much shit in my opinion. Event the PRISM eventAggregator is too much and doesn’t work how I expected. The PRISM delegateCommand is ok’ish, but then again so is Joshs RelayCommand and Marlons SimpleCommand.

    But when I look at our multimillion pound project, is has like 10 projects and thats tests and mocks and all, compared to PRISM I just get weirded out by PRISM.

    Cinch does ALL of it, plus some more.

    So its really up to you at the end of the day. How much learning you want to do. I think if you continue to read the rest of the Cinch articles you will find the stuff I have covered so far is not that important as its just internals, you can use it knowing only a little bit.

    Like inherit from this, override that, job done. Thats the content for the next article though.


  3. I’m doing a full immersion on your WONDERFUL Cinch library since I read article 1. I’ve being doing the very same thing on CSLA a couple of weeks before, since it was my goal do use that framework for my app.
    Now I changed my mind.
    I mean, CSLA is GREAT, but I can see some advantages in using your framework. First it’s a pure WPF creature built the WPF-WAY while CSLA covers a broader range of targets. Rocky himself doesn’t seem so certain about WPF future and, if I got him correctly, he favors Silverlight over WPF at present time. Your framework implements every feature that made me want CSLA, except authorization, but I guess it’s implementable. One thing that makes CSLA more complete is the Book and the recent excellent video tutorials. I know there was a book project but why don’t you give a thought to video tutorials. They’re serious work and they require “some” time so I believe they can’t come for free and they should be payed. Since your Cinch implements to the best any recent Microsoft technology it will be a course on the top of the top.
    My credit card can’t wait to get charged.
    I’m eagerly waiting the next article of yours, since I’m already writing some Codesmith templates in order to ease the building of an application the Cinch-Way. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Codesmith or other Generation-Tools (I believe you certainly do) but I think those templates would be a great help to get started.
    Best regards.
    Roberto Dalmonte


  4. Roberto. WOW Thanks a million man. I never expected someone to like what I was doing so much.

    Great. Next article is not so far away. The demo app is a great starting point though.

    Thanks man


  5. I’ll echo Roberto’s request for a video for Cinch if you’re up to it. I know the articles are very detailed, but sometimes I get lost in the details and a visual demo works best for me, especially while I ramp up on WPF.

    I’ve read most of the articles and they’re very good.



    1. I dont have a web cam, so its not going to happen any time soon. Sorry boys. Text for you for now. I can say I have a code generator coming which today actually which will help you a lot


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