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I am pleased to announce that my GeoPlaces scooped the codeproject C# article of the month in April 2009.

I have not written an article in a while, which is a bit out of character for me, but there is a good reason, I have been plotting and scheming about possibly writing a book, and it looks like its going to happen.

So I will be off the radar for a while but will hopefully have a nice book to show for it in about 6 months.

Thanks for all your support.



  1. You have mentioned a MVVM framework you’ve been working on. Will that be released before you start writing your book?


  2. Disore

    Unfortunately I will be keeping that one for the book. But I can assure you it wilbe good. I have been working seriously doing LOB apps with WPF for about 1 year now, and I still struggled with certain aspects and this framework has answers all my questions. It is fairly simple actually and consists of about 20-30 classes, but some of these you may only use once in a while.

    But for me it answers all my questions.


  3. Hi Sacha

    I could not subscribe the rss feed of this site. Let me know after fixing. I am your fan 🙂


  4. Hi Sacha,

    yeah – MVVM would be really cool!
    If you need a “testreader” – please send me a mail!




  5. Sacha,

    Let me offer words of encouragement regarding a book. I have read your CodeProject articles with interest and I have derived tremendous benefit from your hard work. Your writing style is both lucid and interesting with just the right amount of detail and a through treatment of the problem, yet light hearted. A smooth read all in all. I look forward to you next work and offer to review it (as I’m going to read it anyway).



  6. Hi Sacha,

    Sorry to hear the book’s not an option anymore. Maybe you would be interested in doing some work for my company. Our business targets mainly public safety. Our prime applications include command and controls systems integrating with most communication systems. They are built on WCF, WPF and most of the latest technology on the market including virtual earth 3D.

    Let me know by e-mail if you’re interested. Regards,



  7. Christian

    Thanks for the offer, at present I am happily employed, but it does sound interesting. I actually come from a process control background (which I miss a bit more than I thought I might).

    What I will do is keep this email, and if I find that I need some work I may contact you, is this ok with you?


  8. Sorry for the delay in replying. It’s all ok, you may contact me any time. Process control, hmm… We’re just planning on integrating WWF for process management.


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