Meeting the MVVM Boys From Planet Microsoft

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the free MVVM training courses that Karl Shifflett and Jaime Rodriguez were running in London. The boys did a fantastic job in my opinion, despite them being asked some pretty hair questions. They covered loads of stuff, of particular merit were:

  • DataContext inheritance
  • Attached behaviours
  • Design time data
  • Services
  • MVVM frameworks


I have been waiting to meet Karl for ages, and I was not disappointed, the k-dawg is pure coolness wrapped up in a big Hawaiin shirt, go Karl. Basically Karl is an awesome dude and he was a real pleasure to watch in action. Jaime is also very very good and showed some very cool subject matter.

So if you get a chance to see any of their free courses DO IT.

Based on what I saw I now feel I have the last pieces to a puzzle, and I will be attempting to make my very own MVVM framework, that deals with all the problems we have come up against (which have been quite varied actually). Stay tuned for that one



  1. I was booked on to attend but had to withdraw last week due to unforeseen circumstances. However the course material from the LA course are available on Karls site and are well worth investigating.


  2. Yeah Karl has released all his code, I will be looking into it any others for sure, and hopefully bringing some other ideas to the table


  3. You guys should consider making videos of those sessions and posting them on YouTube.

    Just a thought.


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