WPF : Oynx demo project

I promised one of my WPF Disciples buddies (Bill Kempf) a while back that I would look into using his excellent WPF MVVM framework Oynx in a codeproject demo article. I am pleased to announce that I have now finished this article and it is available over at www.codeproject.com. Simply follow this link



Here is a screen shot, its a 3D WPF article.


I have to say that I was pretty blown away with Oynx even though it doesn’t do everything, it does a great many good things. If you use WPF and want to write better cleaner code, you should check out the Oynx site, and my demo article.




  1. I downloaded the Flip 3D demo zip file several times from the codeproject link given but I keep seeing it as “0 kb” and getting an error when I attempt to unzip it. Is there an alternate way of getting the file? Thanks.


  2. I successfully downloaded it this morning. Thanks for illuminating Onyx–and WPF–and sharing your work.


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