Who Wants Me To Write A Book

Recently someone left me the following message on my new article (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/smart/GeoPlaces.aspx)

Hi Sacha,
I’m sure this has been said before but you really should write a book imho.
I’d buy it …
I’m not going to vote a 5 because I’d rather vote with my cash frankly!!
Oh, alright then … Wink
Gold Star
Seriously, write a book, but don’t do the predictable thing of picking a single technology. I like your whole approach and passion. This article would make a killer chapter in said book for instance …
Best Regards,

Jammer : 05/04/2009

Now this is not the 1st time someone has suggested that I write a book, I was just wondering how many people would actually like me to write a book. If you would could you leave a comment here, so that I can tell who would buy the book, and how many folk think it would be a good idea.

The sort of thing that I would try and cover is what I normally cover, which would be how to work with a mixture of technologies all used together, So this may include WCF/WPF/WF/LINQ/Custom controls/ASP .NET Silverlight all working together. Typically this would be to solve some problem that I make up, where the problem show cases how to use the technology really.

Let me know thanks

PS : I am running out of time to say thanks to all of you that have encouraged me to do this. I am going to look into it. I just wanted to say a big thanks to you all.



  1. I like the idea!

    I often find your style of writing more easily understandable than e.g. Josh’s.

    Maybe you could write a book with other “WPF Disciples” containing the best tips and solutions for .NET and WPF in general…


  2. Well… I would buy it… but since you asked our opinion, I say, write it, print it, handwrite a message, authograph and send it to me… 😀 would like that even more hehehe..

    Now seriously, I’ve seen/read some books from people with a lot less knowledge then you my friend, so I think that you wont be just a success, will be more.

    In the end of the book you should teach how to become partial borg so we can be as much efficient as you.. hehe

    All best.



  3. I’m in the same vote.
    I think that you would put together a great book. I agree about not doing the same old same old. I think you have a talent for showing how various bits of technology can be brought together in real scenarios that actually make sense. If you are able to get this knowledge into a book now that’s something I would buy in a heartbeat. I would seriously recommend that you put something together that covers multiple disciplines, i.e. wpf, wcf, AI, Neural Networks, threading, patterns, algorithms, etc. There aren’t too many people who can bring this all together and you regularly seem to be able to do that. That’s just my $0.02 worth 🙂


  4. Martin/Raul/Anthony, if enough people leaves messages like this I will be contacting some one I know about possibly writing a book, and If I had to pick another disciple for it, I know who it would be.


  5. It depends on what is in the book :p
    For example, I’m really looking forward to have Pavan’s book about “advanced” WPF because I think this is something that is not really covered in any WPF book.
    All your articles are very high quality, so I’m sure a book would be the same. Please let us know what you’d like to write about so that we can leave more precise comment 🙂


  6. Don’t wait Sacha, just start writing :). If you can’t come up with a single high-level topic to write on, it could be something like the Coding for Fun book, a miscellaneous bag of tricks.


  7. Sacha, this post already excited me enough…I am just waiting for the release of the book. 🙂
    Don’t think anymore..just do it my friend…
    I can assure you, it will help a lot of folks..!!


  8. Absolutely, write a book. The last thing the world needs is another introduction to the W* technologies, but a book that actually shows the development of an application from start to finish (like your Sonic or Geoplaces) in even more detail than your fantastic articles would be something I would definitely purchase and work through.


  9. You are one of the best bloggers that i have come across, Your style of writing is beautiful, easy to understand and thought provoking.
    Just a look at the monthly competition will give u an idea into if the writing is worth..
    It is just 6 days into the article “GeoPlaces : hybrid smart client, involving RESTful WCF/WPF and more” and see how many people have read, voted and bookmarked it.

    Come on man… Just do it and we will ensure that it is a success………… 🙂


  10. Jammers suggestion has struck my mind too. I would definitely buy your book! You are a master in explaining advanced subjects in a way that all can understand. I read all your articles at Code project and follow your blog. And it’s also a bonus that you write about just the subjects that I’m interested in (WPF/WCF/REST/LINQ). 🙂 You are very good in putting many technologies together and present a whole solution.


  11. Sacha, from all your blog posts and codeproject articles I´ve seen so far I´m really sure it´s about time you start writing a book. Just do it 😉


  12. I would definately buy your book if it was based on advanced WPF concepts. They are way too many beginner wpf books out there but not many( actually none that comes to mind) about advanced topics such MVVM, mediator patterns, etc. If you wrote a book on how to architect ana advanced applications and walk the user through a desktop version using SQL CE to a tier system using SQL server, I would buy it. The reason I enjoyed the “Teach yourself WPF in 24 hours” was the numerous examples and architecture guidelines in it.


  13. Hi Sacha,

    I see there is a lot of encouragement here, do you really need anymore?

    Well just in case you do….

    Based on the quality of your content posted on the Codeproject and in the way you conduct yourself I’d sure buy a copy!

    I think you have written and posted enough amazing and thought provoking articles in many different technologies to warrant your claim to have the right to write a book (benefit from doing so).

    As a jump start how does ‘The Chronicles of Barber’ An Outside Insight to WPF (or Winforms or Silverlight) sound for your first book?

    You certainly have the ability to do them all.

    Presenting a project from start to finish in a way that’s understandable and sufficient enough to give the reader the correct amount of data and explanation is very hard to do, but you have managed to do that in many of your articles (which are a pleasure to read). I’m sure that will rub off on your book if you ever decided to write one.

    Kind regards


  14. Sasha,
    Don’t think it too much and start writing that book!, when you finish it let us know the link where we can buy it, i would appreciate that you include the MVVM pattern..

    i’m convinced that this project of yours is going to be a totally success!

    Cheers from Mexico.


  15. Dude,

    It’s been a pleasure reading your articles.
    Looking forward to reading your book.

    South Africa


  16. I would like to see a book from a person with strong dedication in all of those tehcnologies… so go ahead.


  17. I just have seen two of your projects, they’re really, reeally good.
    Write a book, I’d buy it ;D


  18. Hello Sacha,

    Your CodeProject articles are so much impressive, a book would be a must have !

    Best regards from France,


  19. Some Suggestions:

    1) The goal of programming is useful applications. A huge problem, IMHO, is a lack of focus on writing useful applications. The authors seem to never see the forest for the trees. Languages, tools, technologies are the be all and end all for them. There are exceptions, but that seems to be the rule for most tech authors.

    You always focus on some specific application in your articles on codeproject. You are able to tie in different technologies towards that goal. You are also able to build applications with depth.

    2) I do not know much about the book publishing world, but i would definitely suggest self-publishing as you would have the most control over it.

    The problem with the book publishing industry, as seen by a opinionated person – me, is that the incentive structure is really skewed. I would expect the authors to get 90% as they do 90% of the work – but it’s the other way around.

    3) A Simple start, without much effort, would be to collect a few of your existing projects with a similar theme, and put them out in the form of a book.

    This should teach you the mechanics of the process and will not involve too much effort from you.

    I don’t know if the code project license allows for it though.

    Hope this helps…


  20. Great idea, Sasha. I’m sure the book would be a reference textbook on applied .net coding for most people. I’m the one who’s very inspired with such prospective. Go forth and good luck!


  21. I’d definitely buy your book plus motivates my friends as well.

    You and Josh both are the WPF GURU!!!!!!



  22. I’d also agree that you should write a book. You have an excellent writing style; easy to follow while not being overly simplistic. I have used several of your articles and samples to learn and strengthen my own skill set. I would suggest that you do try to cover the various technologies you enjoy all in a single text….perhaps building out, from start to finish, an open source application involving utilizing it all. Explain the pros & cons of each technology just be careful you don’t write a 1,000 page book. If your first book takes off, you could create a series similar to that of the Pragmatic Programmers! Good luck.


  23. Yes! Write it. You know after reading your articles ( about Threading and other stuff) all seems so easy. Let say you have light hand for writing big,good,reference type and interesting articles, so i think the book will be a great reference and not only…


  24. Very little ‘real world’ info on WPF/WCF. You provide that.
    Anyone who has read your articles will buy the book.
    Your take the time to explain why – and your downloaded code always works. I’ll certainly buy it.
    Of course, I suspect we will be seeing less articles from you during the writing – one only has so much time …


  25. Bill

    Thanks, and yeah my article count would go down for a while for sure. Though if the book comes off, I will not be doing it alone, it will be with 1 other codeproject chap I like and another WPF Disciple.

    It will be really cool if we are allowed to do it.


  26. Whether your dream is having a bestseller, or you would just like to get published, “Doing Business By the Book,” is the best blueprint for writing out there that I have found. You’ll learn – The 3 simple things you need to do before you publish your book, or you’ll be kicking yourself later. Personally, I love how author Sophfronia Scott guides me through the process step by step. It made it easier for me that way.


  27. Hi,
    I would defently suggest you to write a book. Your style of writing is very comprehensive and easy to read.
    I am a big fan of O’Reily “Head First” series, so if you decide to write pls follow their manner.
    There are a whole world of programmers out there but only a few knows how and why things should be done.
    I believe you are one of them, therefore it should be easy for you to explain such complicated issues in simple terms.


  28. HowWhyWhen : Barber’s Shop Application Concepts
    – choosing the correct way in WCF programmmig-

    You style shines because you explain why do things, when do them and how to achieve the final goal in real world applications.

    This aproach helps us to be better programmers, because you explain the important facts and concepts in a clear manner.

    Thanks for all your articles!


  29. I’m gonna add my comment here – this is a great idea, but I’d be sorry to see it get in the way of your cool articles/blogs, but more importantly, I’d hate it to get in the way of the good Disciples work.


  30. Writing a book can be time consuming. I hope you do well, I’ll definitely buy your book.
    What’s important is sharing your passion with the community!
    Good luck!


  31. I think you sould try writing a book, you have talent and your articles on codeproject.com are really well documented, very clear. Good Luck


  32. You’re articles are always great to read. Would (like all the others here 🙂 ) love to see a book, and would definitely buy it.


  33. Hi, I’m your fan too, so I’ll be pleased to read a book authorized by you.
    I think something like “WPF tips and tricks” or “WPF Recipes” or “Some WPF Projects” are great ideas.

    good luck bro 😉


  34. Hi Sacha,
    i read all your articles learning in easy way many important features…thanks a lot .
    I believe that some person have to write down a book about you .

    Have a lucky day.


  35. Actually i find your articles very good too ,very easy to understand ,and your designing ideas are good too , especially in WPF ,,i support you to write books ,not only one book


  36. Hi, I like the idea. Found one of your articles and looked, what you also have written. I found your articles very interesting.


  37. Sacha

    As one of the few WPF guys that has truly scaled the learning cliff, I can vouch for your mentoring style, which is equally as elegant (and somewhat nutty professor at times) at a face-to-face level as I’m sure it would be in writing.

    If you are going to write a book, make sure you get enough interest from a publisher to do so before you commit your life to writing an epic.

    I think the number of messages of support here alone carry a lot of weight, but a publisher will be interested in extending the franchise into a series… so think about how you could plan to spin a series out would be time well spent.

    Speaking personally, I know you enough experience and knowledge to present something of this ilk. I’d get in quick before .net 4 comes along; that way you’ll get a sequel out of the gig too.


  38. Thanks Martyn, you raise some good points, and sure I would not waste my time which as you know is valuable (maybe not as valueable as yours 😉 , but valuable none the less) unless the publisher was interested enough.

    Funny enough .NET 4.0 coming out should not impact too much. As the book content will still be current. Its more of a how to, then this is the latest stuff that you will not be able to use for ages.

    Thanks for your words though, appreciated.


  39. book, book!!
    sacha is the WPF king!!
    we need a book yours!! =)
    book, book!!
    book, book!!
    book, book!!


  40. I enjoy reading your articles and tutorials and would love to have a book written by you Sacha

    Thanks for all your help


  41. Honestly? It’s a terrible idea. Why?

    > One. It’ll take you fucken ages.
    > Two. You’ll have to stop blogging or you’ll run out of content to charge for. Which leads nicely into…
    > Three. You’ll become a villain. Do something for free and you’re a hero; charge and you’re a villain. All those people who appreciate what you do now will very quickly turn coat and become you’re biggest critics. I can’t stand Jeff Atwood anymore.
    > Four. It won’t earn you any money.*

    Stay doing what you’re doing now – which is to provide a lot of good content and to valuably contribute to the development community. You already have enough kudos to get your foot in the door wherever you go looking for work I don’t think a book will add to that. Not that that would be your reason for doing it – that said, what are your motivations?

    Of course none of this matters if you Just Bang It Out as you’ll get a badge.

    Word to your mother.


    * this is a guess – I have no idea really.


  42. Sacha,

    I will appreciate if you start writing a book on mixture of Microsoft Technologies.. I have read many of your articles in codeproject its superb. I would like to tell you one thing “A person like you should join Microsoft and release Framework 5.0 with your MVVM framework” nice na.
    I will surely purchase your book..


  43. Yes man , we all support you to write books ,your teaching way is easy , in addition to your strong program functions which force anyone of the programmers to buy any book you write ,,
    Best wishes


  44. Oh yeah Sacha I will add my $.02 into the mix. Sure write the thing already! Looking forward to it!


  45. You should definitively write a book. Your articles are great, and i’m sure the book will stand out too.

    I will download it from gigapedia.org as soon as someone uploads it. 😀


  46. Thanks Forseti9.

    “I will download it from gigapedia.org as soon as someone uploads it.”

    Im not sure about that, that means the Publisher would be quite angry I guess.


  47. the funny thing is that I just came across your articles on CodeProject and I was totally blown away. Then I thought that only if he can encapsulate his knowledge in a book and here is your post about a book.
    do us this great favor. WRITE THE BOOK MANNNN.


  48. Hello,

    I love the articles you write and your style of writing.
    So I would buy a book (even if it was a bundle of your articles) just as a thank you!

    I would love a book that shows a mvvm app that contains lots of stuff like a big enterprise app.


  49. Hello,
    I have learned many things from you Sacha. if you hadn’t written these great easy-to-understand articles many people would lose much critical time to research and would have to learn self-alone if they can. If you write a book, i will buy it without thinking a second, even it is about a fantastic story. It is not only about to learn something from your book. It is something like return. I have already learned a lot.
    Note : There is a man sitting near me in the company i am working for and he is hiding his codes to prevent anyone to learn as much as or more than him although hiding any code is forbidden in the company. As you understand he and this-like people are fooling, they are only trying to plug an unstoppable flood.

    By the way just write that book 😉

    (Excuse me for the time you loose while reading for my long post, but i wish you got the point. English is not my native language, so i wish i could tell what i want to tell)


  50. Thanks a lot man. I do have some seriously big article planned, its just going to take a while, I am in the research phase right now.

    You / people will learn loads from it.


  51. I think you would do very well with a book, and I would certainly buy and use it, but I really prefer the more up to date, current approach of a blog and postings on places such as codeproject.com.

    Instead of a book, put up a PayPal donation button. I would press it!

    Thanks again for all your shared knowledge.


  52. Before you get too far into this discussion, consider Winston Churchill’s remark:

    “Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster, and fling him out to the public.”

    I’ve gone through it a few times, as have some friends, and we believe Mr. Churchill’s description is spot on.


  53. Yes, I have gone through your website number of times and found it easy to follow your writing.

    I strongly think you should write a book and I will buy it



  54. After all I have learned from your articles a book would be a perfect way to learn even more.

    I think it is a great idea.


  55. Hi ….man you are gr8 nd genious….

    Please go ahead and do this…Or else prepare some Video tutorials… like a complete series of Silverlight lets say a 10 part series dicussing about silverlight and what we can achive from it going upto the extent of RIA services or using MVVM (I am not sure as I am preety new to it).

    Or else some thing same on WCF using LINQ in both the above example.

    Or finally a series having Silverlight+WCF+LINQ
    I think video tutorials are also gr8.

    Just wanted to say ur awsome and becasue of you I have learnt so many things, looking for a response from your end.

    Thanks & Regards


  56. I’ve been following your articles on CodeProject for quite awhile and a book is an outstanding idea. Any ideas on what you’d like to write about or leave it up to your readers?


  57. Hi Sacha,

    Hope you are well. I regularly follow your articles and blog (not in a stalker way I assure you) and I know this is a very old post but…… I really think it would be great!


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