GeoPlaces article

I have just released a new article over at whch uses the following technologies


WCF : Hosting RESTful WCF service

ADO .NET ENtity Framework Models


WPF : Mediator pattern

WPF : Embedded Virtual Earth 3D

I am way proud of this article it has worked out very well, and you can read more about it and please vote and leave a message if you like it, I would be most grateful for your votes

GeoPlaces codeproject Url:

Here is a screen shot of part of the app running



5 thoughts on “GeoPlaces article

  1. Raul Mainardi Neto says:

    I am already guessing which article is going to win the best overall + best c# + hybrid smart client of this month…

    Keep up this amazing work mate.


  2. sacha says:

    Thanks man, time will tell, its voting is a bit low, but thats what you get for releasing an article mid week, I usually release an article on Sundays.

  3. Doug Troy says:


    The stuff you create never ceases to amaze me, I can only surmise you never sleep, and I question if you actually take time to eat, or just have an IV drip.

    Very cool stuff,

  4. sacha says:

    Wait we may be writing a book, that will be truly great

  5. Doug Troy says:

    If you guys pull off a book, you can bet there’s going to be a lot of folks lining up to get a copy; I’m one of them.

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