Free WPF / MVVM Training

Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shifflett recently sent me an email stating that they would be in London to teach how to use WPF to create Line of Business applications…for free!

Karl and Jaime are both fellow wpfdisciples, both of whom I am lucky enough to know. These 2 guys really know WPF and what it takes to build business apps, so I’m sure their training sessions will be packed with useful, important, interesting information. You can read more about this exciting opportunity on Jaime’s blog:

Announcing the “WPF for LOB” Training Tour

Lately the wpfdisciples, has attracted some very influential members such as Scott Guthrie, and other core WPF members of the Redmond camp. So you can see the calibre of the people involved, and can guess the mark that these training days will be pitched at.

Also myself and another bunch of the WPF Disciples will be there, such as

  • Karl and Jaime (obviously)
  • Marlon Grech (kid genius)
  • Pete O’Hanlon

I’ve been told that Mike Taulty will also be there, and that guy is the bomb. Considering that their previous training sessions were sold out, be quick, sign up.



  1. Wish I could go, but, since Brazil is not on the road for this sessions, and considering the cost of an travel like this I will not be able to do so… Maybe one day they come to Brazil…

    But happy for you and everyone that will enjoy this oportunity. Take the best of it.

    All best my friend.



  2. Wait there a minute… the award winning genius Sacha Barber is telling me that I will do fine without a training in a tech? I’m very flattered mate. But I really wanted to go.. see Karl and other Disciples in action must be something…

    All best



  3. Sacha & Raul,

    Looking forward to meeting up with everyone in the UK. It’s been 3 years since I was in London. So looking forward to being back. Fish and Chips PLEASE.




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