Double Whammy Goodness

I just got an email from Chris Maunder today to tell me that my Sonic article ( has won the 2 following awards, that’s 2 awards

  • Best C# article of February 2009
  • Best overall article of February 2009

Excellent today winning articles, tomorrow the world. Muah Ha Ha


Too be honest I was very pleased with Sonic, so I am happy it has done well.



  1. Congrats again Sacha, you for sure earn every award you have gained and much much more, Hope to see some new stuff anytime soon…

    Note to myself: in the future, everytime I write an article, I will ask you if you are going to release any article… compete with you isnt fair, no one can beat a partial Borg developer… hahaha

    Now seriously, you gain what you deserved for such amazing content… Nice job and keep’em comming.

    All best from a friend



  2. Oh cheers man, thats some nice stuff you say man. Just as well or I would have to asimilate you.

    Resistance is futile.

    Actually Battlestar Gallactica is my favourite thing of late. That is excellent.


  3. Hahahaha, as I said to you already, watch out for Piccard, he doesnt seem to like your kind…

    All best mate…



  4. Congrats! On Code Project, you are becoming the Tiger Woods of C#. Please head over to Stack Overflow and give Jon Skeet something to worry about.

    Keep up the great articles.


  5. Congrats Sacha. With awards like that, who needs a resurrection ship. Awesome double whammy. So well deserved! I bet Chris has your name in his Best article newsletter template.



  6. You are a poet of the code.
    You deserve a long life:
    Thanks Sacha and compliment for yours “opera/art’s work”…


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