Double Whammy Goodness

I just got an email from Chris Maunder today to tell me that my Sonic article ( has won the 2 following awards, that’s 2 awards

  • Best C# article of February 2009
  • Best overall article of February 2009

Excellent today winning articles, tomorrow the world. Muah Ha Ha


Too be honest I was very pleased with Sonic, so I am happy it has done well.


13 thoughts on “Double Whammy Goodness

  1. Raul Mainardi Neto says:

    Congrats again Sacha, you for sure earn every award you have gained and much much more, Hope to see some new stuff anytime soon…

    Note to myself: in the future, everytime I write an article, I will ask you if you are going to release any article… compete with you isnt fair, no one can beat a partial Borg developer… hahaha

    Now seriously, you gain what you deserved for such amazing content… Nice job and keep’em comming.

    All best from a friend


  2. sacha says:

    Oh cheers man, thats some nice stuff you say man. Just as well or I would have to asimilate you.

    Resistance is futile.

    Actually Battlestar Gallactica is my favourite thing of late. That is excellent.

  3. Raul Mainardi Neto says:

    Hahahaha, as I said to you already, watch out for Piccard, he doesnt seem to like your kind…

    All best mate…


  4. Martin says:

    Congrats! On Code Project, you are becoming the Tiger Woods of C#. Please head over to Stack Overflow and give Jon Skeet something to worry about.

    Keep up the great articles.

  5. Pramod.P.V says:

    Nice to see you running away with the awards.. You deserve it..

  6. sacha says:

    Cheers Martin/Pramod

  7. Congrats Sacha. With awards like that, who needs a resurrection ship. Awesome double whammy. So well deserved! I bet Chris has your name in his Best article newsletter template.


  8. sacha says:

    Thanks Daniel

    I imagine your new Perceptor will do extremely well too.

  9. sacha says:

    Cheers Marlono

  10. Gerry says:

    You are a poet of the code.
    You deserve a long life:
    Thanks Sacha and compliment for yours “opera/art’s work”…

  11. Abhijit Jana says:

    Cheers Sacha!!! Waiting for your new one 😉

  12. sacha says:

    Gerry / Abhijit thanks man

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