WPF 3D Just Got A Bit Easier

For those of you that have worked with WPF will know it does 3D, and know how compelling this can make your apps. Unfortunately it does require a little bit of effort to get something cool up and running in 3D within WPF.

However lady luck is on your side, Josh Smith (WPF Master) has just released 2 open source 3D controls (I’d like to think one of those was actually directly related to a question I once asked Josh, but he of course made it better) which aid in the development of some cool 3D scenarios.

He is calling this offering Thriple, and you can check it out over at the Thriple home page over at codeplex. Here is a link Thriple Home Page

At present it offers a 3D Panel and a 3D Flip Panel with front and back hosts. But if I know Josh there will be more to come.




  1. Hum… a 3D physics host for a tag cloud like control… sounds tasty… 😀

    Josh is a great mind, and has amazing works indeed.. have no use for the 3d controls (yet) but they are great, and would love to se some Newton applied to a control (huge fan of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica).

    Hail Josh and Sacha for their effort for better apps.

    All best



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