Sonic : I Need Your Votes

I have just noticed that my Sonic WPF Media Library application is up for the Best C# article over at h this month, if you could spare some time to vote for it in the monthly c# competition it would be appreciated.

here is a link to the voting page (you must be a codepropect member and logged in)

And here is a link to Sonic in case you missed it

I will need your votes this month, so please if you can, take a minute to vote. The reason I like to win, is that if I win, I win books, more books means more articles. So I hope you can all help me this once.


5 thoughts on “Sonic : I Need Your Votes

  1. Anthony Giwa says:

    dude u got like 3 articles already on the list….ure so greedy…just playing, we love you really we do. keep on doing ur thing kido cos its beatiful and were very grateful

  2. sacha says:

    Thanks Anthony. Every vote helps

  3. Tarun says:

    Its really great!


  4. sacha says:

    Thanks man. I liked this one too

  5. hsn says:

    Iam a member in codeproject , I will vote for you , keep it up

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