Sonic : Out There In The Wild

A couple of posts back I blogged about a cool app that I have been working on called Sonic. Basically its a queryable media library that uses a semi custom IQueryProvider. It is also a good example of the MVVM pattern and custom templates in WPF.


I am totally happy with the results of this one, and I feel its a very cool article.

You can read more over at



  1. Hi Sacha,

    First, I’m sorry to contact you through the comments thread.

    Now, You are surely with amazing skills, Knowledge and skills. How do I become like you or at least one third?

    I know C# and Silverlight and little ASP.NET. Yet, there is still, WCF, WF, WPF, … for sure something will come along the way. Let aside, Good programming design and practices.

    Could you, please, advice me (and I guess others want you to advice them) regarding how someone should plan (and what he/she should do) for learning .NET technologies?

    I hope you can help.


  2. I read a lot, and just try as much with new technology as I can.

    Thats the secret I think, no answers really it just takes commitment


  3. Saleh,

    Thanks for asking the question.
    Even I wanted to ask the same..
    I am new to WPF, and I too want to learn wpf.


    Your blog is so inspiring,

    Keep up the greatwork.


  4. Hi Sacha.
    Great great Article… Really did alot in my task to understand WPF ( Views/viewModels ).

    One Question :
    Regarding the FrictionScrollViewer in the project , is it possible to make it animate to a specific offset Value ( for keyboard navigation )
    Maybe use a DP-value-changed event to trigger the animation ? :D.

    I dont know how to pull it off, it should be a simple task right ?.



  5. Dear Sahsha, Where to begin, i have been reading alot of your Post on Code Project, it a good thing to have a person like you sharing is code with the comunity, i learn alot from you, i just want to say thanks and keep up the good work


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