WPF Graph Control

Some of you may have read my post a few posts back about a Graph that myself and a work colleague  put together, well I did a little bit more work on this over the weekend and it now supports historical data panning. I have published an article and source code of this over at www.codeproject.com. You can use use the following link to read the article and get the source code



And here is what it looks like




  1. Dude ure da man!!!, i actually went back to Andre de Cavaignac’s graph code and am trying to fix the weird problem with the high cpu spiking, but ure work here will definately be very useful as well. Thanks


  2. Hi:

    i ran into a number of your articles on

    code project and I really have to say that

    I am extremely impressed with some of your

    work and —- so that’s basically want

    I wanted to say ——

    I’m currently trying to get back into

    the ” technology ” market place – and

    trying to get back ” up to speed ” with

    some of this stuff and some of what you’ve

    posted has been very helpful to me in that


    In addition – I do have some rather

    extravigant ideas – that at some point

    you might be interested in hearing about.

    There are currently no web based discussions

    on this topic…..

    Anyway, again, really appreciate your

    work …


    Marc Bellario


  3. Hey Marc, we have been trying to get in touch with you. Jeanne Remick died last year. I am currently scanning all her pics to make a photo album of the family. Would you be interested in a copy? Would you like the pics back of you, Val and the kids after they are scanned? Let me know what you think, and HOW ARE YOU? smj


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