A Very Proud Moment (Well for me it was anyhow)

Today at work, my colleague and I decided we needed a graph control. And after about a day we came up with the following WPF control.


I think its pretty cool.  The low and high X-Axis points scale to suit the values Min/Max and the background changes shades according to the Mean of the values.

Now I should point out that we already had a free graph that this control has more than a passing resemblance to. The original graph was done by Andre de Cavaignac when he was at Lab49.

That said, we ended up using virtually none of the original code, apart from an attached property that changes the opacity based on the Mean of the values. The reason we decided to create our own is that the original graph was quite tied into Lab49 business, which did not suit our particular requirements. So bada bing, we knocked up this graph. I was very pleased with the results and it is done in only 2 classes. One is the graph and one contains the graph, and I think it is very easy to use.

I will hopefully be posting the code up soon over at www.codeproject.com, so if this floats your WPF boat, watch our for it over there soon.



  1. Sacha – as usual, the gooey goodness of your interfaces flows over me like a marshmallow pillow. Nice one sir – it looks good, and I’m looking forward to the article.


  2. Your articles are always a pleasure, both technically and visually. It is your visuals that attract our attention to your work and then the technical intricacies leaves us spell bound. looking forward to the article and code :-).


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