A simple SGML Parser and Visitor pattern loveliness

I am in the middle of so many article ideas right now that I am finding it hard to find enough time to look at them all, and some of them are pretty big articles. So what I have to do when this happens, is break them down into smaller areas, and look and see if any of the bigger articles would become clearer if I wrote it in smaller parts.

I am currently working on one that has to do with extending LINQ and the whole System.Linq.Expressions namespace idea in general. Now I don’t want to give too much away about what I will be doing, but one of the fundamental parts of how the whole System.Linq.Expressions namespace works, is by the use of the "Visitor Pattern".

If you have not used this pattern before, it is a structural pattern that can be used keep the algorithm separate from the object structure. I have used this pattern on a few different occasions and I for one really like it, though I do feel the standard visitor pattern could be improved a little.

I have written a small article talking about the standard a possibly improved visitor pattern over at www.codeproject.com, you can use the following link to read more.




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