Best C# article of October 2008

It has been a while but my
article over at codeproject just won C# article of the month of October 2008. Hooray.




  1. Congats dude… I have to admit that I would have rather voteed for the sticky note one :)! That was a AWESOME article… Keep up the great work!!!



  2. Congrats Sacha,

    Last time I looked at the voting it was a bit of a Sacha landslide, with your articles in both #1 and #2 slot.

    What on earth do you do with your x5 Dundas Charts, iGrid, etc… pro licenses?

    I will keep my fingers crossed for my latest article, maybe November will be my month 🙂 (Although I think I have fallen fowl of a rating miscalculation … 😦 )

    Colin E.


  3. Colin

    Thanks a lot, and yeah I have fallen for that voting error myself, its not cool.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Hope you win soon, you write coo, stuff, and yeah I cant really do much with the software prizes as all I write for is codeproject and everyone would need a license to run the code in visual studio, so they are not much use to me, even though its cool stuff, some of it.


  4. Excellent choice by CodeProject, no doubt. You deserved it Sacha. 🙂 Congrats and I hope your WPF factory will keep churning out great articles like these and you will keep helping us mortals like you always do.

    All the best.



  5. Daniel

    Thanks so much man.

    And you are also a good man, and a truly good author, one of the best. Remember you Legion kicked my ass, so you must be pretty cool too.

    RESPECT man.


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