Notes ListBox

A while ago one of my collegues from WPF Disciples showed me a video about a WPF app that Billy Hollis had put together.

This app was written in VB .NETand had a very nice notes ListBox. There was supposed to be some source code
published somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. As such I tried the task myself and am pretty pleased with the results. This article respresents the fruits of my investigation/trials.

It is a re-usable Notes ListBox that can be applied to your own project with not to much bother (I hope).

If you want to find out more about it you can read the full article over at, using the following url:

The nice thing about this control is that it is hosted in the AdornerLayer, so doesn’t impact your current Layout UI Elements.



  1. Why thanks there Mr Shifflett.

    See ya, Mr Cool.

    PS : My next mission is going to be a n-tier WCF/WPF demo app, using LINQ. As I think this is still something people don’t know how to do that well.

    I have some good ideas for it.


  2. Hi Sacha

    Do you accept work to do ?
    I have an application we developped and need professional help to polish and debug and improve.

    Thanks for your answer


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