Binding And Using Localized Enums In WPF

The other day I had to use some enums in WPF, where I wanted them to appear in a ComboBox to allow the user to select one of them.

Imagine that I had enum values like PizzaWithPepperoni, BaconDoubleCheeseBurger etc etc. I managed to get this bound in WPF fairly easily, but I wanted a way of showing some friendly values whilst still maintaining the correct value behind the scenes when a new selection was made.

So I set about doing this, and came up with a solution that used the EnumMemberAttribute, and then submitted this article to codeproject.

The original article was up for about 2 minutes and Josh Smith, said "ah what about Localization". Damn….luckily another codeproject great, Uwe Keim, posted some code to fix this. I also got a fabulous email from Infragistics great, Andrew Smith, who outlined an alternative approach, which makes use of a MarkupExtension.

I will not post any code/further explanation here as its all talked about in quite a bit of detail within the article.

Here are the relevant links

My article

Andrews Smith alternative approach, which  is also a good (great) read



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