Another threading post is out (Part5)

I have just published another article on threading over at Codeproject. This one deals with threading in UIs.



  1. Hi Sacha,

    I couldn’t find a contact e-mail address that I could write to, hence using this comment form.

    I read in a Codeproject comment that you will be turning next to WF after finishing off threading series. I have planned a 5/6 part series and currently working on the samples for the first two parts. These articles came out from some tutorial sessions I did on WF for my colleagues (I have been using it since December 2007). Since you are the superstar of Codeproject, I am wondering if I should stop doing the articles and wait for your gems! Will you be Ok to work together on the series otherwise? Or, would you like to go solo on Codeproject?

    My plan for a series of WF is like this –

    1. WF – What is Windows Workflow Foundation?
    2. WF – Types of WF & Activities
    3. WF – WF Runtime, Instances & Correlation
    4. WF – Building & Using Custom Activities
    5. WF – Compensation, Tracking & Persistence
    6. WF – Workflow Services – The marriage of WF & WCF

    Let me know your thoughts,


  2. I would not mind working on stuff together, though my series was going to have slightly different tint to yours.

    Only issue is I have a new job, that leaves me less time, so I don’t know how quickly new articles will come out, so for this reason alone, I think I will work alone, but we could touch base to see what each other is doing. I would of course link to your articles.

    How does this sound


  3. Sacha,

    If you are willing to share your thoughts on a series on WF, I will be glad to update & modify what I currently have planned. Perhaps the titles sound I am probably re-inventing the wheel by walking the reader through the same traditional way of teaching concepts. However, my emphasis is on applications of WF (with a number of examples to illustrate core concepts) and how to use such an approach to make concepts very clearly understood.

    The series will be quite a challenge to do, as I have a got full-time day job! I have lot of respect for what you have achieved and shared with us, so, it is your decision in the end. Working with someone like you will be a dream for me 🙂



  4. I have a full (quite demanding time wise) job too, so yeah it may be a challenge for as well.

    Well see what we can cook up.


  5. Sacha,

    I apologize because this is off-topic but I didn’t see an e-mail address for you. I was wondering if there was a way to contact you about a project I’m working on. I realize you’re very busy with your new job but was hoping I could toss you an e-mail to explain what we’re doing and see if you’re interested.



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