Disciples Of Annihilation (er I mean WPF Disciples meeting)

Yesterday evening I met up with a fellow blogger Marlon Grech. Marlon was over in the UK to have a Silverlight 2.0 training course with Ian G. Marlon was nice enough to come to where I live, Brighton. So we went out had a few beers and a meal and had a chat where we set the world to rights, my girlfriend (wife to be) even turned up for the occasion, jolly decent of her (though I think she was out for the food actually…she doesn’t like code, she likes chocolate…Mmmm perhaps I have the wrong woman after all).

For me its always a buzz meeting people that I admire, and I definitely admire Marlons work, and he is young man, hes only 23, and when you look at the great body of work he has produced its excellent. For those that don’t know Marlons work, I suggest you read his excellent blog it is full of awesome stuff.

So Marlon if you read this, thanks for coming down man, it was cool to meet you. Hope to do it again some other time.


Oh and thanks for the free booze, hick it was very nice.



  1. Hey dude,
    You give me far too much credit!!! I am just another number in the C# world 🙂

    Dude, I loved meeting up with you and I hope we do that again in the near future….

    Re:”Mmmm perhaps I have the wrong woman after all”
    Man, you have the best wife to be ever. She is really nice and I think you are made for each other…. Lets put it this way, I asked the CLR to give me the answer if you and Sarah are made for each other…

    bool result = sacha.IsPerfectMatch(sarah);
    …The result was True … 😀

    Sacha you ROCK!!!!!!


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