.NET 3.5 3D Elements

I have just published a new article at codeproject, about using some of the new 3D WPF elements within .NET 3.5.

Here is a link to the article.

The article covers the usage of the following elements:

  • ContainerUIElement3D
  • ModelUIElement3D
  • Viewport2DVisual3D

Due to the nature of 3D, the only way that I can do the article any justice is to show you a video. As such please click on the image below to see a video of what the article covers in action:



Its basically a simple RSSfeed being read using XLINQ and each 3d sphere represents a blog entry which can be clicked on.

Have fun folks



  1. I have VS2008 installed. When trying to open the .sln file I get this error: “The Element3D.csproj cannot be opened by this version of Visual Studio.”

    What VS version did you use for developing this app?


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