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Award for best C# article February 2008

I Havent written anything for a while at my blog, as I have working on putting the finishing touches to my beginners series on WPF.

I am proud to say that this series has gone down well over at codeproject and has won me the 1st place prize for the February 2008 C# compeition for beginners series on WPF : Part5


10 thoughts on “Award for best C# article February 2008

  1. Hi, I found a link to your article as a referral URL in my blog’s web-stats log. So I opened it up and saw where you link to me. Thanks for saying you got some inspiration from my ‘Closable TabItem’ project. That’s a nice compliment. And congrats on your award, to. I’d like to talk to you in fact, so that’d be great if you could send me an email.

  2. Hi Sacha,

    Have started delving in the programming world since three years. Started with .Net V1.0 and fell in love with it. Never looked back since then. Have been closely following your articles on code project. I have set up my aim to be like you someday….

  3. I am a web developer and new in WPF, just going through your article and hope it will be much much helpful for me.
    Thanks a lot for writing such articles…

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