A Really Really Nice WPF App

I am now lucky enough to be working with WPF. I know a few things about WPF, but I am always looking out for stuff written / blogged about by the WPF master, and a personal friend of mine, Mr Josh Smith.

A while back he published an article at codeproject called Podder, which managed podcasts. It was very nice and used what he called structural skinning based around routed WPF commands, and the MVC pattern. Which was a first let me tell you.

Some of you may not know but Josh also works for a place called Infragistics (the UI people), and as such he has the pleasure of working with some truly talented (think Michael Angelo talented) UI designers/programmers. I think they have 7 MVPs there or something like that.

Anyway, one of the talented chaps there, has re-skinned Joshs original Podder app, and made it look like this. This is all thanks to Joshs original structural skinning idea.


I mean how cool is that. You owe it to yourself to read how this beauty works, I urge you all to read about it at the Podder2 article page and also at Joshs own blog

Nice one Josh. Respect



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