A Really Cheesy Blog Entry (But I just don’t care)

Now I own a lot of programming books. And pretty much without fail, in the front of these monolithic manuals is a short praise for the authors wife/kids dogs etc etc. Now you have to ask your self how romantic that is. I mean being thanked in the front of a geek bible just wouldn’t/shouldn’t cut it in the romance stakes. Shame guy.

None the less they all do it, go check some out, they all have it there somewhere, bold as brass. I have to say I think this is pure cheese.

But something happened to me this week, my beautiful girl asked me to marry her, and I accepted. Leap year thing apparently. I didn’t know that, and thought it was a big joke, not quite the reaction she was expecting, but I soon realised the error of my ways, and quickly accepted.

And I felt I just had to write a little about it, as it’s a good thing, which I feel I want to share. So I can see why these reference manual authors do it now, it’s something you feel good about that you don’t mind people seeing. That’s my new opinion any how.

I first met my lady 10 years ago, when I had been single for more time than I care to remember, I had basically almost decided to become a monk, and had certainly given up hope in all woman of the species. But then as luck would have it I found someone that that was daft enough to like me as much as I liked her, and bada bing, bada boom, I found a girl to share my room. And have now ended up being with my girl for 10 years now.

Sarah has been a constant source of support for me through some good and not so good times. She is my rock. And without her, I strongly believe I would have ended up having a different path in life, a somewhat more self destructive one, and ended up in all sorts of bother. She made sure that didn’t happen. I have now become a more rounded individual, this is all down to me girl, basically she’s the raddest thing since sliced bread…And I just want to let you all know that.

I basically have no idea how many people read this blog, or whether this is a good / bad thing or maybe too personal a thing for a blog, I just don’t know…But since it’s my blog I’m just going to do what I like.

Heres me and my girl Sarah, babe you rock.


And heres some more


So if you are out there and don’t have one of these here girl things, I reckon you should give them a go, they are pretty cool



  1. Congratulations!

    PS: Don’t worry about being too personal, we get too much quality tech info from you to worry about it 🙂


  2. Thanks so much Daniel. Maybe i’ll just call the book, WPF for Sarah.

    Ha Ha, thats cheese. Gorgonzola, of the highest order


  3. Thanks Rudi, Appreciated.

    Just occured to me this is a good way to find out who reads your blog.

    Mmmm, I shall have to think of some other event to publicly announce.


    Nah this one is special.


  4. I’m in… keep posting these..

    I discovered just yesterday, in fact, the incredible article frenzy you and Josh seem to be having (to me, anyways) over at CodeProject. And then I thought, geeze does this guy have a life, or is he physically attached to his PC.

    Glad to see you have a life and enjoy sharing. Break free my friend.. Now, back to reading your articles! Nah, have BoiseCodeCamp in the morning… g’nite 🙂


  5. Thanks.

    I actually have a pretty good balance, I watch lots of films, and go out loads, and go to the gym, eat out a bit, and also write articles.

    Its all cool man.

    Ill try and have a few more articles up soon, one of which im very excited about


  6. I am up to my neck in WPF and ORM software and writing specs for a rather cool network configuration tool at this company called Aircom international.

    Its all cool


  7. Nice post again!
    By the way is that your future wife in those photos?
    She’s beautiful mate! Hope I’m not being rude :/


  8. She sure is a beauty mate!!! Thats why I nabbed her.

    Thanks for your comments….Thats not rude at all. I lived in Oz, so it takes quite a bit to wrankle my shackles


  9. Dude,

    I am so happy for you. You and Sarah are really made foreach other…. You what is amazing; I too had a crazy life and it was my wife that has put me back on track. We are much alike dude, the only difference is that you have much more brain that I do 😀



  10. Thanks Marlon. Yeah she is the girl for me.

    Was good to meet you the other day as well. Like it.

    Yeah we are alike I think, 2 hansome chaps that like C#.

    Rock on


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