Meeting Josh Smith

I have just returned home after a very wonderful trip to New York. Whilst there I had a chance to meet/drink and chat with one of my codeproject heros, A.K.A Mr Josh Smith (A.K.A the Bach loving one. Just check this MP3 as played by Josh)

He was really cool, he is what we would call “A Smashing Chap” over here in England. I had a great time being shown the best watering holes/eateries by Josh. Though I did manage to show the local, one bar with excellent views of Manhattan that he had never been to. So that good.

Josh also blogged about this, at the following URL and even put up some pictures, if you fancy a peek.

As I say Josh showed me and my girlfriend Sarah a great time, so thanks Josh. All the best to you. Hope to do it again some time.



  1. Sacha,

    Love you flicks in NYC. Dude, I think those movie stars a copying your look.

    Clive Owen has made some pretty cool flicks and sports your style, even off set.

    So, in addition to being a WPF Rock Star, you my friend are a trend setter!


    Karl (a Yank)


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