A simple WPF media player with media item list

I like WPF, and the other day I thought I would write a little wrapper control around the MediaElement in WPF. I wanted my control to allow drag and drop and a media list to me held. It should allow users to start, seek, pause and stop the media and adjust the volume.

To this end I wrote an article at codeproject which is available here the finished product looked like the following


Hope it useful for some folk. The rating stars are nice I think



  1. Nice,! Also i want to make a such a think. But this time i want to use stream(UDP/RTSP) i did 2.0 like using VLC Player I stream vedios and using VLC API i could abled to play that stream. I want to do the same in WPF also wothout using VLC player. I want to give the source like this “udp://@” How can i do?

    Your corperation is appreciated!


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