What Am I Up To These Days (LINQ/DLINQ/XLINQ)

I have only really just started to become a blogger, so theres not much content here yet. But I will be adding new tips and tricks when I come across them, as well as links to my most current activites.

In fact I have just published my 1st LINQ article at codeproject which is available here.

This is the 1st part of a 3rd part series the next parts (im 90% through with part 2) will be on DLINQ (or XLINQ over SQL as its now called) and XLINQ.

I will be publishing a few gotchas about DLINQ here very shortly, that people using the old May 2006 CTP should watch out for. Im aware (and have even downloaded the Virtual PC version of) Visual Studio “Orcas”, which now has May 2007 CTP LINQ stuff included. So these gotchas may no longer exist



  1. Somewhere I saw you were working on a DirectX port of Quake 3

    How far have you gotten?

    If you would like another to work on it, would you be willing to share it? It would be fun to play with adding to this!

    Peter Kovach


  2. I think you may have misread that somewhere, sounds fun but it wasn’t me, I know someone did a version of Quake at codeproject.com. Someone from Vertigo I think.


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