Some Other Areas That Ive Also Worked In

Obviously when one is employed (as I have been since I was about 18 or so, even during my degree) one has to be mindful of keeping customer sensitive information, private. As such I have worked on many many interesting projects that you would all love, but alas I can not share code for, as it is private customer data.

I can however state the application of some of the more exotic systems that I have worked on :

  • Colourant plant automation and recipe management system, for Clairol hair dye (yes them on TV)
  • Serial comms protocol definitions for some very wacky serial comms stuff, talking to C# code. My boss at the time did the code.
  • Assisted in the development of our own automation layer written entirely in C#, with support for OPC
  • Support for numerous blue chip UK based companies
  • Integration of Management Excecution Systems world wide for Procter & Gamble


  1. Just noticed some of your work on the net. I’m learning wpf at the moment and probably should be learning wcf. so little time, so many things. Great job on the chat article. You ‘d Man!

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Thanks Peter.

    Ill be doing some more WPF stuff soon, working on a semi accademic type article 1st, then going to look into Silverlight 1.1 stuff.

    Look out for it


  3. Hi Sacha,

    Did you happen to work on SIM. Like reading data from SIM through APDU commands?

    Ahsan Ullah


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