NetPics : My MSc Project

NetPics Web Site : NetPics

I am currently doing my Msc at Sussex University, and as for my degree we have to do a final project. So I chose to do something like Flickr, where people could share media with friends. At the moment I only allow images to be shared, but this could be any media, such as video, music, documents etc etc.

The idea is that a web user may share with their friends, and the freind can log into the same portal and view the shared content. But I also wanted to write an app, that would allow the user to upload very quickly using standard desktop techniques such as drag and drop. In fact they should not even be aware that they actually creating web content. To this end the project will use a dektop application, and an ASP .NET web app, and the desktop app will upload content using a web service. Thats the basic idea anyway.

Although I am still doing my MSc, and this project is still under development. A few screen shots cant hurt now can it.

The Web Site

This uses ASP .NET, and will use custom ASP .NET controls, and Ajax to allow the user to drag around pictures to form new albums etc etc





The Desktop App

The desktop app is .NET 2.0 stuff all the way. C# of course. The user of the desktop app will be able to create albums, edit images, view a slide show of image etc




The image editing is done, thanks to the use of the IPLab image processing library, by Andrew Kirillov. The IPLab is available here

I am hoping this will do even better than my BSc project. Ill let you know when ive done it, and its marked.



  1. To be honest keith, Picassa does this sort of thing, without the update to the server stored image. BUt you know people wont care that much.

    Thanks for your kind words though. This did well though, it got me a MSc with distinctions, so im happy with that.

    Bye for now


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