AutoDiagrammer : My Reflector Addin

At the beginning of March 2007, i published an article at codeproject about drawing a class diagram using reflection. This article is available here.

The thing being, as more and more people looked at it, they all wanted it to be available as an addin for Lutz Roeder C# De-Compiler which is free and available here.

So finally I gave in, and had a go at getting it to work as a reflector addin, I think i’ve now got there with v1.9 of AutoDiagrammer, which is available right now at the AutoDiagrammer auto update link.


Ive also kept most of the stand alone application features such as :

  • Zoomable window
  • Printing
  • Customization of what is shown on the diagram
  • Save to image


I have also now included any associations as a Tooltip, so when there are a lot of classes with a lot of lines going everywhere, simply point the mouse at a class, and see what it tells you.


I’m just waiting for the codeproject staff to update the article, and then ill be giving Lutz the Addin for official release at his CodePlex site. And then im sure there will be pleny of folk that will have some more suggestions….



  1. Marlon

    I write this a long time ago, and have since give up with working on it. However the full article at codeproject is a stand alone version of this, so if you want to try that if this fails.

    It was a bit of fun really, I ran out of time. I think it works for small-medium size Dlls. Lutz is the man really.

    Thanks for adding me to your excellent blog.


  2. Hi Sacha,

    I’ve tried to download your addin, but the page is giving an error. Is this because your monthly quota has again been exceeded?



  3. Jurgen, I had a complete nightmare with space some time back and things may have gone sour from then. The original codeproject article should still be ok to grab though, that has all you need.


  4. Steve

    I really no longer support AutoDiagrammer, as it was really just an article to allow people to understand Reflection a bit better, I simply do not have the time to consider it a supportable product.

    The code is available though, so feel free to have a crack at it.


  5. Hi Sacha,

    I’ve tried to download your addin,through codeproject but the link is giving an error.
    any other way i can get the source code?


  6. Use the links at the top of the article, and you should be find, I have just tried.

    You will need to build it yourself, I got fed up with it all so created 2 projects in the end, one for standalone and one for Reflector addin.


  7. the publish page gives me an error, and so does the codeproject page, mind putting on a mirror please 😀


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