About Me


My name is Sacha Barber, I am what one would probably describe as a nerd. I basically love software, and I especially like .NET, thus the nice domain name http://sachabarber.net.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself, I live in Brighton in the UK, and currently hold the following qualifications:

  • MSc : Information Technology For E-Commerce : (Passed with distinctions)
  • BSc hons : Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence : 1st class degree

Which I gained at Sussex university. Where I was subjected to a host of different languages, and subject matter. We did however concentrate on one main language, which was Java. So I did end up with 4 years Java experience, though still prefer .NET by a mile.

This is kind of like my second time around with education, I initially went down the electronics / music technology routes where I also gained the following qualifications, all studied part time

  • Ordinary national diploma : music technology
  • Ordinary national diploma : electronic engineering
  • Higher national diploma : electronic engineering
  • Higher national diploma : software engineering

I have also spent many years at work (probably about 14 years in all) and I have worked at various companies in various roles. Though most commonly I have been employed as an industrial automation engineer, where I would be reponsible for many varying, tasks including software design, software testing, customer requirements specification anaylsis, large scale management execution system support for a large blue chip company (a small company called Proctor & Gamble), database development, active X development.

I was fairly happy at work, then all of a sudden we got invloved with a project with a crazy (Phd maths crazy, you know the sort) chap from Germany who we were hired to work with, on a large scale software project for Proctor & Gamble, where he worked. This was using .NET v1 / v1.1 at the time. That was it, I was totally hooked after that. I never looked back, and promptly ditched the VB that we had been using til then, in favour of C#. Ah lovely stuff. Although I still maintain a favourable view regarding stored procedures, which I also quite enjoy writing.

In fact this one chance meeting with .NET (C# really) was enough to convince me that I really really liked software, as such I decided to go back to university to gain a computer science related degree. The company where I was at that time, chose to sponsor this re-education. Although they did stipulate that I had to get good grades, as you can I did ok (a 1st remember).

I also achieved an award for the best IT project from my university and the British Computer Society (BCS), for a remote control media player (code named Re-MP3). This was written using .NET v1.1. You can look at the ReMp3 project web site here

Although I think my MSc project, is much better that my degree project, this is a Flickr type application that allows user to share content, using a web site, and also use a desktop application to synchronize this content. This was written using .NET v2.0 and used lots of different programming techniques. You can look at the NetPics project web site here

I have worked on many other projects, some of which I can not share, as they were for work, and as such I must maintain customer confidentiality, but I am also quite into writing articles in my spare time for codeproject where I have published numerous articles about various subjects.

Lately I am spending more and more time looking at .NET 3.0, things like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and LINQ/DLINQ/XLINQ. I’m not so sure ill have to use Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), so have bypassed that one for the moment.

This blog contains several pages which will go into a bit more detail about some of my projects and some of my published articles. So please use those pages if you would like more details about either of these areas.



  1. Hi,

    I read your AI article in code project. I love to read more and your way of explaining things is great. I am not an Nerd but has some ideas which might be tougher and toughest to implement something like the movie terminator.

    I believe it can be done but the way is still long to go for great scientists in the world. I think neural networks are used there. But i am little confused about below issues

    We never store the information (like in db or xml) so how can we store the positives and negatives for the neural networks (for bias calculation).

    Neural networks are volitile until unless we store the information output which it processes.

    Is neural networks can be applied for something which will be always on or can we implement it in on off scenarios.

    Please write to me at albertindian2000@yahoo.com Thanks


  2. Hi
    Just wanted to drop a “Thanks You” note for “AI : Neural Network for beginners” article and codes. It was nice. Keep the spirit 🙂


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